The Best Lisbon Vintage and Sustainable Clothing Stores

Whether you got your Lisbon knowledge from AP European History or from the recently published 36 Hours piece in The New York Time’s Travel section (like I did!), you probably know Portugal's capital city is a must see. 

I headed to Lisbon in June and won't forget the fresh sardines, the cobblestone streets, the similarity to San Francisco (there is a red bridge, restaurants named Tartine, and The Mill), pastel-colored buildings, and 8€ gold Nikes at the Feira da Ladra market (because I'm currently staring at them in my closet).

Yes, these will do. (Perfect posture not included.)

Yes, these will do. (Perfect posture not included.)

Check out the list of my favorite vintage and eco-friendly stores in Lisbon. All shops and markets can be easily accessed via the Lisbon Good Finds Google Maps List to take along on your next trip. I hope you get a chance to stop by the colorful and welcoming city soon.


Garbags products are made from materials originally used to hold coffee, pet food, milk, juice, potato chips, chocolate, and more.

Tânia Anselmo started the concept to inspire people to look at waste in a different light by offering a fun alternative to it. Garbags are hand-made in Lisbon by a 6-woman team of local professional sewers.

Packages are donated to the shop and when people donate they aren't just helping the planet but getting discounts on their next Garbags. The store also has a local collecting system, collecting materials from local bars, restaurants, and events. They even have partners with companies like Colgate. (I bought the toothbrush pen and think I now look super cool—or at least super hygienic—in all my meetings.)

Price: $

Hours: 11am - 7pm*

*Pro tip (for pretty much all of Europe): Check the hours or call ahead. Some stores will close for lunch, a quick afternoon break, or all of August.

Locations: R. de São Vicente 17, 1100-310 Lisboa, Portugal; Calçada da Graça, 16-16A, 1100-266 Beautiful Lisbon, Portugal; Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 74A, 1170-113, Lisbon, Portugal

Phone: +351 936 399 505 


A Outra Face da Lua

This vintage store doubles as a café and having views of aisles of bright, polyester shirts while drinking a latte is pretty ideal. 

The store offers rows of colorful men's and women's vintage from the 70s-90s. I appreciated the wide selection of tennis shorts, scarves, and women's vintage headscarves. 

Price: $

Hours: 11am - 7:30pm daily, closed Sunday

Location: R. Assunção 22, 1100-044 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 886 3430

Facebook Page  

Feira da Ladra

This large flea market sits in the center of the Alfama neighborhood with a whole lot of antiques, old toys, housewares, comics, and clothing. 

I picked up my 8€ pair of Nikes here (did I mention they were 8€?).

There are vintage stands and then some that resemble more of a garage sale layout. You can find some hidden gems at garage sales!—just set aside time in the day to go through and search for your hidden Nikes. 

Price: $ 

Hours: Tuesdays and Saturdays, dawn until late afternoon

Location: Campo de Santa Clara, 1100-472 Lisboa, Portugal 

Ás de Espadas

This vintage store has it all—a wide selection of Levi's shorts, sequin tops, boots (+ Dr. Martens), Converse, high-waisted pants, leather bags, neon backpacks, swimsuits, and patterned dresses with every sleeve length from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. 

Check out the other vintages spots on Calçada do Carmo too including Jupiter Urban & Vintage Shop (even more boots, Converse, and leather bags) and Joker Vintage Store (men's vintage with a lot of jeans and Hawaiian shirts). 

Price: $

Hours: 11:30am - 7:30pm daily, closed Sundays

Location: Calçada do Carmo 42, 1200-090 Lisboa, Portugal, 

Phone: +351 916 789 199 

Facebook Page 


Since 1925, the family who created Ecolã (third generation) has used the entire wool cycle of the Bordaleira sheep located in Manteigas, Serra da Estrela, Portugal, to create its sweaters, shawls, throws, and more. They use a traditional, ecological, and sustainable process. You can even sign up for a tour of their Manteigas location. Learn more here

It's also a treat to experience the shop in the Embaixada, a XIX century new-Arabian palace turned shopping gallery.

Price: $$

Hours: 12am - 8pm Monday to Saturday, 11am-7pm Sunday 

Locations: Edifício Embaixada Praça do Príncipe Real,, n.26, Lisbon, Portugal (with two locations in Porto, one in Manteigas) 

Phone: +351 914 926 065 


More Good Finds

El Dorado

Price: $

Hours: 8am - 5pm daily, Closed Saturdays and Sundays 

Location: R. do Norte 25, 1200-141 Lisboa, Portugal

Joker Vintage Store (Men's Vintage) 

Price: $ 

Hours: 12pm - 3pm, 3:30pm - 8pm daily, closed Sundays 

Location: Calçada do Carmo 59, 1200-090, Lisbon, Portugal 

Phone: +351 916 789 199

Jupiter Urban & Vintage Shop

Price: $

Hours: 11:30am - 8pm daily, closed Sundays 

Locaiton: Calçada do Carmo 26, 1200-090, Lisbon, Portugal

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