The Best Porto Vintage and Sustainable Clothing Stores

I will admit, I didn't think Porto would be the main attraction in my Portugal travel itinerary—I was wrong. The city know for its Port dessert wine, the Douro river, and Festa de São João do Porto (plan to be there June 23 to not miss this street festival), also houses great food, bars for nighttime, bars for daytime (I like bars), and a vibrant vintage clothing scene. 

See my top clothing store picks below. 

Do I fit in?

Do I fit in?

All shops and markets can be easily accessed via this Porto Guide Finds Google Maps List to take along on your next trip.

Mon Pere Vintage 

I walked past Mon Père Vintage every time I went to and from my Airbnb without knowing this vintage treasure trove existed. Don’t miss this find like I almost did. Check out the floor-length vintage dresses, bathing suits, patterned blouses, and every-color-of-the-rainbow Levi's selection. You will probably need to buy and pack an extra vintage suitcase home. 

Price: $

Hours: 2pm - 8pm daily, closed Sundays 

Location: Rua da Conceição 80, 4050-317 Porto, Portugal 

Phone: +351 918 480 270

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If you are in need of a neon bathing suit or windbreaker, go to Ornitorrinco. The shop brings back the 80s and 2000s with used sport caps, jerseys, and Converse. After you leave with a few finds, you will look perfect for your next Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Clueless-themed party. 

Price: $

Hours: 10am - 1pm, 2pm - 7pm daily

Location: Portugal, Rua da Assunção 7, 4050-070 Porto, Portugal

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Mão Esquerda Vintage

Mão Esquerda Vintage's killer curation makes up for its small size. The collection includes men's and women's items from the 40s to 80s. I loved the vintage green velvet Nordstrom heels, flower-print shirts, and men's jean jackets.

Price: $

Hours: 11:30am - 8pm daily, closed Sundays 

Location: Rua da Alegria 5, 4000-041 Porto, Portugal

Phone: +351 912 740 889


Cet Objet du Désir - Vintage Clothing & Accessories

This vintage spot includes all the regulars— dresses, blouses, pants, scarves—but also specializes in unique finds like vintage lingerie, slippers, eye glasses, jewelry, perfume bottles, hair clips, hand mirrors, lipstick tubes, and more. 

You can also grab a vintage babydoll nightgown for yourself and a souvenir your best friend may actually keep.

Price: $

Hours: 12pm - 8pm daily, closed Sundays

Location: Passeio de São Lázaro 29, 4000-508 Porto, Portugal

Phone: +351 916 402 473

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HUMANA Portugal 

HUMAMA is less vintage, and more recent, secondhand clothing and shoes for very cheap. Everything is 3€. 

The secondhand chain found across Portugal doubles as a nonprofit promoting environment textile reuse and funding (education, agricultural development, and more) projects in Africa and Portugal. 

If you didn't pack enough tops or forgot a pair of heals and don't want to spend $$$ on something new—this is the place to go. 

Price: $ 

Hours: 9:30am - 7:30pm daily, 11am - 6:30pm Sundays 

Location: Multiple including Rua de Cedofeita, 327 4050-109 Porto, Portugal (All locations across Porto and Lisbon)

Phone: +351 212 801 587


More Good Finds


(Read more about Ecolã in the Lisbon Good Finds!) 

Price: $$ 

Hours: 11am - 7pm 

Locations: Travessa da Bainharia, n.37 4050-085 Porto, Portugal; Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 270A, 4050-417 Porto, Portugal 

Phone: +351 919 204 440


Price: $

Hours: 12pm - 7pm daily, closed Sundays 

Location: Rua das Fontainhas, 169, Porto, 4000-054 Porto, Portugal

Phone: +351 933 823 039

PATCH Lifestyle Concept Store

Price: $

Hours: 11am - 7:30pm daily, closed Sundays 

Location: Rua do Rosário 193, 4050-124 Porto, Portugal 

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