How to Rock Athleisure Wear with Spin Instructor Jillie Bassan

Jillie Bassan loves her three Cs: Champion sweatshirts, coconut oil, and a lot of cashew butter.

Learn how this beauty and health blogger (check out @beautygeisha!), sold-out spin instructor, and probably Erewhon Market’s #1 customer curates her athleisure wear looks, (hint—with a lot of men’s clothing).

So, who are you? :) 

My name is Jillie and I am a spin instructor at Finergy Cycle in Woodland Hills, California. I do heated spin class so it’s not your typical workout. I’ve always been passionate about health and have a beauty and health blog. First it was mostly about makeup and hair and now it is more about health and wellness and how to make yourself feel good on the inside. If you feel good on the inside it will reflect on the outside. 

This sounds lame but I also love grocery shopping and I go to Erewhon Market all the time. That is pretty much where I spend all my money. They have healthy brands you can’t find anywhere else, coconut yogurts, cashew butters—things that taste like candy but are good for you.

Why did you start focusing more on health and wellness? 

I realized, for skin for example, I would rather invest money into a good skincare regime than on makeup because if your skin is glowing you don’t need much makeup. In the long run taking care of your skin and body versus covering it up now is a better investment. And if you are wearing makeup make sure to always take it off. I love using coconut oil to help remove. 

I also have Type 1 diabetes so I really stay away from refined sugar so since forever I have been looking at alternatives for sweets. I love the taste of health foods—nuts, avocados, yogurt. It is really interesting how the more simple your food is the better it is for you and the better it tastes. I could live off of cashew butter, chicken ,and yogurt, just simple foods.

How would you describe your style? 

Definitely comfort. I love big clothes and when I go shopping I usually look in the men’s section first. I always buy a men’s t-shirt over a women's t-shirt. I like the fit of them more. I like oversized shirts and hoodies with cute sneakers or heeled sandals if I am going out. Because of teaching spin I live in workout clothes.

I also like to wear bright colored pieces, one statement piece and the rest can be simple. And the statement piece can also be comfortable.

Her LA staples.

Her LA staples.

How do you make sure your outfits can go from work to out, to any aspect of your life? 

The fabrics are important. I find fabrics that don’t make me sweat too much. I stay away from jeans during the day and wear stretchy, wicking, dri-fit fabrics so I can go from lunch to a workout to anything. Don’t forget dri-fit socks—that’s important.

What is your go-to look?

Comfortable leggings from Victoria's Secret Sport, oversized men’s Champion hoodie from Urban Outfitters, and Nike Air Huaraches from Foot Locker. I like the cranberry, grey, and olive green together; It is fun, not boring, and sporty and comfortable.

Crystal rings = good energy for Jillie. (They are from  WILLIAM B + friends  in Studio City, California.)

Crystal rings = good energy for Jillie. (They are from WILLIAM B + friends in Studio City, California.)



What's a piece in your closet you wear to make more of a statement? 

Normally you would never think to wear a huge men’s t-shirt when you got out. It is so big so it could pass as a dress. For this look I guess I’m doing two statement pieces because the Steve Madden shoes aren’t very simple. They help totally transform it. I could wear it with flip flops to the beach or to a bar with the shoes. The bag is from Urban Outfitters, from the men’s section and the shirt is—you guessed it—from the men’s section, of Forever 21. I like to buy clothes you can't guess where they are from. They could be expensive or inexpensive.

My fellow valley girl. #818

My fellow valley girl. #818

Jillie runs (i mean spins) toward bright colors. .

Jillie runs (i mean spins) toward bright colors. .

Another men's section super find from  Urban Outfitters .

Another men's section super find from Urban Outfitters.

What has stayed in your closet? What have you happily parted ways with? 

I used to over plan my outfits a lot and overthink. You shouldn’t have to overthink. I would do too much and try too hard. The hoodies have stayed and the tight dresses have gone.

I know myself now, my passion for fitness and health, and I am confident in myself. I don’t need to overthink the clothes. It’s more about being me than wearing clothes to please others.

What brands do you love? 

I love Urban Outfitters, Nike, Target, Champion, For Love & Lemons, and local stores on Melrose Ave. My favorite designer is Balenciaga—this is where I splurge, only once in awhile. 

Balenciaga shoes on the bathroom floor. (I will use this as a future rap lyric.)

Balenciaga shoes on the bathroom floor. (I will use this as a future rap lyric.)

What's your advice on finding a style and building a closet you love?  

If you overthink it you probably won’t feel and look good. Wear what you feel comfortable in, dress for you and not anyone else.

Thanks, Jillie!