The Best Sustainable Fashion and Business Podcasts

My favorite learning tool (I still love you books...) is the podcast. While I’m running to work, running to the gym to run on a treadmill, or running through the airport, I survive the rushed commutes by learning how Julie Wainwright started The RealReal and why there’s a lack of size inclusivity in the sustainable fashion community.

Read on for my top sustainable fashion podcasts and a few of my favorites for news, entrepreneurship, and comedy.  

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Spirit of 608: Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability + Tech

Journalist, media strategist, podcast producer, and host Lorraine Sanders created a show at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and tech. If you are interested in starting your own sustainable fashion business listen in. Learn about entrepreneur's journeys finding ways to use tech to solve problems in the fashion industry (From Couch Surfing to Winning at Secondhand Style in Silicon Beach with Tracy Dinunzio of Tradesy), how to perfect your online branding (Five Quick Hacks to Instantly Beautify Your Social Media Photography, and get inspired by new ideas in fashion production and materials (Reinventing Indigo + A Better Future For Denim Through Bio-fashion Entrepreneurship With Tinctorium Co-founders Michelle Zhu And Tammy Hsu).

WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press

Hosted by Australian Vogue’s Sustainability Editor Clare Press, WARDROBE CRISIS features interviews with academics (Podcast 89, Kate Fletcher, Craft Of Use), business leaders (Podcast 85, Michael Kobori - How Sustainable Is Levi's?), environmentalists and movement builders (Podcast 78, Natalie Isaacs & 1 Million Women Fight Climate Change), and more to discuss issues facing the industry today and how these change-makers are finding solutions. Clare interviews people from across the world and digs deep into key themes like activism, consumerism, identity, and ethics. I always learn something new and get inspired to work with others to help find solutions to fashion’s human rights and environmental problems.

Conscious Chatter with Kestrel Jenkins

Kestrel is a storyteller and conscious style maven who believes fashion and ethics can jive, and maybe even thrive together. If you want to know more about on the newest brand in sustainable fashion space, hear from industry insiders and influencers, or better understand the happenings in the US-sustainable fashion industry, this podcast will be your go-to. Check out recent shows Thredup + The Massive Rise Of Resale, Alice Alexander + Inclusivity For All Bodies, and Influencer Jayde Archives On Proud Outfit Repeating on key topics taking over the sustainable fashion world.

Comedy (and Reality TV!)

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

Comedians, actresses, writers, and my pretend BFFs Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider bring me so much joy with their Bravo podcast series. They chat all things housewives and welcome fellow comedians to their “nook” recording studio in Los Feliz, California. They make me feel less bad about my housewives obsession. It’s the next best thing to watching the shows live with them (which you can now do in LA).

Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino

Similarly, Danny Pellegrino makes me feel less alone in this beautiful Bravo world. He chats Housewives recaps in addition to other Bravo favorites like Souther Charm and Vanderpump Rules (listen to him discuss the infamous transitional music in the episodes), 90s movie classics, and anything big happening in pop culture. I also love his obsession with Jessica Simpson. Follow him on Instagram for more of his pop culture commentary.

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast 

I needed at least one comedy podcast that didn’t include the Housewives. Comedian and actor Marc Maron has interviewed Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert, Sir Paul McCartney, and Aidy Bryant, and 1,000+ more. Marc asks the questions we are all thinking and probes (in a not too aggressive way) her never-before-heard authentic and honest stories.

News (and Fun!)


Political commentator and comedy writer Erin Ryan host kickoffs each show with former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Barack Obama, writer, and hilarious lady Alyssa Mastromonaco to discuss topics like the newest presidential sexual misconduct accusation, Unwanted Ivanka, and Elizabeth Warren’s fundraising numbers. Erin then welcomes a panel of kickass, opinionated, and funny women to chat themes that affect women’s lives and deserve a deep dive—trust, productivity, competition, and how sometimes, when everything seems terrible, putting on fake eyelashes and a wig and sashaying glamorously out into the world can make things feel a little less awful. And as always, the show ends with “the hills we’ll die on”—things (most sarcastically-leaning) so important that it must be dealt with—like people who pee in the shower.

Entrepreneurship (and Inspiration!)

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built. It’s pretty awesome to get inisght to how the most loved brands were built and get to know the personaities of the founders. Episodes include Tim Brown & Joey Zwillinger of sustainable footwear company AllBirds, Whitney Wolfe of Bumble, and Blake Mycoskie of TOMS, and more. 

The Goal Digger Podcast 

Photographer, entrepreneur, podcaster, and educator Jenna Kutcher brings us a the live-workshop style business podcast for “creative girl bosses”. I have loved listening to 101s on SEO, productivity hacks like batch working, and her honest entrepreneur lessons she has learned along the way. Her shows are approachable and she makes you feel comfortable, unintimidated, and excited to keep growing and building your empire. 

Hope you enjoyed the list and learn something new on your next walk/drive/bike/swim to work.