Nice to Meet You. 

I’m Carley and I’m glad you stopped by the site. I live in the Mission District of San Francisco with three roommates, a sewing machine (necessary), and way too much (unnecessary) stuff.

In May 2017 I left my hometown of Los Angeles and with the move came less space and a job that keeps me traveling.

My clothing couldn’t keep pace with my constant packing, working, attempts at adventuring, (lounging), and microclimate life.

I also started reading about the true cost of my stacks of fast fashion for both the environment and people in the supply chain.

It was time for a clothing change. I asked kickass ladies around the globe how they built conscious wardrobes that didn’t sacrifice their diverse, unique styles. 

Thoughtful Flamingo is a place where I’ll be sharing their stories, testing out ethical clothing practices/trends, and bringing you global shopping guides, so we all can (easily) bring more sustainability into our closets—without losing the sequins.

I hope you enjoy the journey to a smarter wardrobe with me. 

IMG_2679 2.JPG

Me, 1999

Young me in LA—a time when thoughtfulness was not on my radar—but at least I kept it fun.

IMG_2099 2.JPG

Me, 2017

More recent me in my go-to meeting presentation shirt—oh, and a statement piece smog mask on one of my favorite work trips in New Delhi, India.